New tyres to stand out from the crowd

With full colour graphics and reflective designs

There’s a new bike tyre on the scene, and it made quite an entrance at Saturday evening’s Fat Face downhill night ride in Edinburgh, where they were given away as prizes as part of the UK launch.


SweetskinZ come in a range of full colour graphics and patterns, with reflective designs that are an attractive hook for commuters who want extra visibility.


The tyres will be available by the end of the year in urban, mountain, and BMX models. Their marketing blurb says that the tyres feature “high quality rubber and maintain excellent tread life and performance.” We say that if these wacky designs encourage a few more people to get on a bike, then that’s a good thing, and if cyclists can be seen better at night then even better. We’ll get a set in soon and let you know how we get on with them.