Night riding in UK’s Polaris Challenge

Off-road adventure in the Yorkshire Dales


The next round of the Polaris Challenge in northwest Britain will feature two hours of night riding as part of a weekend of off-road adventure on October 6th-7th.


Based in Malham in the Yorkshire Dales, this edition of the Polaris will start with a six hour daylight ride on Saturday. After a few hours rest, the riders will tackle a two hour evening session where they try to hit as many checkpoints as they can in the dark. Sunday will conclude the event with a four hour ride in the morning, for a total of 12 hours over the weekend.

The scoring will be different from previous Polaris Challenges in that it will be balanced across the three stages. Final details are yet to be announced, but to be competitive riders will need to be good on all three stages. This format also allows for the Saturday to become a special ‘1 Day Polaris Challenge’, which could suit those that are new to the event.


The Polaris Challenge combines mountain biking with navigation and outdoor skills as two-person teams try to score as many points as possible by reaching checkpoints in the available time.