No deal yet on Valverde

Alejandro Valverde has made no secret of his desire to move on from CV-Kelme, but it seems the team'

Alejandro Valverde has made no secret of his desire to move on from CV-Kelme, but it seems the team’

PICTURE BY LAVUELTA.COM Negotiations between the Illes Balears and CV-Kelme teams over the transfer of Alejandro Valverde from the latter to the former have so far failed to lead to agreement on terms for the move, according to the website. As reported several times previously in recent weeks, the main sticking point for any transfer involving Valverde is payment of the two million euro get-out clause that would allow him to leave his contract with CV-Kelme. Illes Balears are willing to pay something to their Spanish counterparts, but not as much as the two million laid down in the contract. Todociclismo also reports another difficulty. The deal to sign Valverde also includes the signing of his fellow Murcian riders and team-mates Jos Cayetano Julia and Jos Luis Martinez. Illes Balears are said to be happy to take on Julia but do not want to sign Martinez as well, perhaps because he has not ridden this season due to the bureaucratic problems that have affected several of CV-Kelme’s 2004 signings, including 2001 Vuelta winner Angel Casero. Martinez was signed from Costa de Almeria at the end of last season at the request of Valverde. CV-Kelme’s main backers in the Valencian regional government, the Generalitat, are reported to be insisting on payment of the rescission clause in full. They believe that if highly rated Valverde stays with their team they will get invites to most of their main objectives next season despite their absence from the Pro Tour, and that Valverde staying will also enable them to ask for bigger financial contributions from the team’s sub-sponsors. Valverde has made no secret of his desire to move away from the persistent financial and bureaucratic problems that have dogged CV-Kelme. However, the 10 or more teams that were reported to be interested in signing him a month or so ago have now dwindled to just the one. Stories last week that Saunier Duval might step in with an offer have come to nothing as they have failed to agree co-sponsorship deals with two potential backers from Murcia. In other news from Spain, former Banesto team doctor Sabino Padilla has denied reports that he is set to work with the Euskaltel team over the winter. Padilla, who has worked with the Atletic Bilbao football team since 1998, told AS yesterday: “All I can say is that I have an exclusive agreement with Atletic.”