Northern Rock Cyclone 2008

Festival of cycling in the North of England


The second Northern Rock Cyclone festival of cycling is being held on the from June 13 – 15 and promises to build on the success of the 2007 event.


The weekend will start with the Newcastle Leazes Criteriums held in Leazes Park just 800m from the city centre. There will be Criteriums for youth, senior and elite category riders in the afternoon, with the elite race starting about 8pm and lasting 1 hour.

Saturday the June 14 will see the Cyclone Challenge ride taking place, which is designed to provide an experience and a challenge for all ages and abilities. There is a choice of three rides of 31, 62 and 100 miles. In 2007 nearly 1000 competitors made the event one of the biggest in the UK. Prizes will be awarded for competitors who raise the most amount of money for charity with awarded to those who travelled the furthest, the oldest competitors and the biggest family groups.

The Beaumont Trophy Premier Calendar Road Race, a long established event dating back some 57 years take place on the Sunday, and all the major UK Teams are expected to ride as well as some European riders. You can see the route map here.


All details about the whole event are on the event website. There is an online entry facility which allows all participants taking part in any of the rides or races over the whole weekend to enter online.