Norwegian dirt jump comp attracts stars

ANTI Days of Thunder coming June 29 - July 4

Hafjell, Norway will host some of the world’s best dirt jumpers June 29 – July 4 in the second annual ANTI Days of Thunder competition.


The unique mountain bike competition, held at  Hafjell Bike Park, will bring together some of world’s best-recommended riders in easygoing sessions – dirt, slopestyle and “race relay”. No prizes are awarded, and select photographers and videographers are invited to capture the action.

The list of riders that will participate include Cameron Zink, Cameron McCaul, Alex Reveles, Andrew Taylor, Ben Boyko Thomas Vanderham, Jordie Lunn, Timo Pritzel, Benny Korthaus, Kelly McGarry, Grant Fielder, Andreu and Lluis Lacondeguy, Yannick Graniery, Pierre Eduard Ferry, Trond Hansen, Mads Andre Haugen and Martin Soderstrom.

In early 2008, Niels Windfeldt, mountain bike athlete and professional film maker, got the idea of bringing his best freeride buddies from all over the world to Hafjell at one time in the year to have a mountain bike competition that nobody had seen before. The main aim was to see each other and have a good time on as well as off the bikes.

“Based on my own experiences with international comps, where fun is not always the synonym, I wanted to create a setting where riders could perform at their own base and most of all: Be able to have fun!” Windfeldt said. “The ANTI Days of Thunder concept was born.”

According to Windfeldt, the event features just a different approach compared to the conventional competition format:  getting good photos and videos are prioritised over proclaiming a winner.

“If you have seen last year’s pictures and clips, you know why,” he added. “The huge jumps of Timo Pritzel, Trond Hansen or Andreu Lacondeguy combined a lot of airtime, loads of style as well as a breathtaking landscape.”

For 2009’s event, Snorre Pedersen, construction and development manager at Hafjell bike park, and Specialized team rider Trond Hansen are currently working on a one-of-a-kind set up for the ANTI Days of Thunder. The dirt jumps undergo several changes compared to last year and most of the building capacity will be used in the snowboard park next winter.

According to Windfeldt, riders have an easy and relaxed time without any stress or pressure, as the whole competition schedule offers a lot of chill-time in between:  the first day is an “open day”, just to ride and have fun, the second one features the “race relay”, third day open again, fourth day brings the dirt session on, then one more open day, and the slopestyle like also a huge after party hits Hafjell on the last day, both open for the public.

The riders will be split up in five teams: Canada, USA, Central Europe, Southern Europe and the “Scandos”. The slopestyle is open for viewers only. Only photographers Mattias Fredriksson, Joakim Andreassen and Kristoffer Andersson, as well as the filmers Niels Windfeldt and Leif Erik Kleppen, will be capturing the action.


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