Obree selling up?

Scot looking to move on from the world of cycling

Graeme Obree

Ex-hour record holder and world champion Graeme Obree may be selling his cycling memorabilia.


The Scot, who challenged the cycling establishment with his radical ideas in the 1990s, wrote on his blog that he is keen to “drop all resentment and move on and out of that past world [of cycling] … to that end I will be selling my medals and championship certificates, record certificates, Olympic participation medal and the few pieces of truly unique memorabilia in a timescale that I have not set just yet.

“I have a handful of full size film posters that I will sell signed until 1st of March for £100 or dollar or euro equivalent plus postage.”

Obree’s story reached a wide audience following the publication of his autobiography, The Flying Scotsman, which was recently made into a film. The book and film deal with his life and cycling career, which have been marked by his battle with bipolar disorder. But Obree wrote that the film is not a “literal account” of the book.

“I was never a courier for starters and I was actually disqualified rather than falling off. Anyhow it doesn’t matter really if a lot of people enjoyed it.”


Obree added that despite the sale, he didn’t intend to stop riding his bike. “I will always be a real cyclist and I still do not drive a car and I can never ever imagine not owning a bicycle. I must say a thank you to all the poeple who helped me and encouraged me through the years and never got recognition for it.”