Obree takes on the kiddies

Graham Obree will take on a team of four young "Future Stars" in a pursuit challenge at the next Rev


Graham Obree will take on a team of four young “Future Stars” in a pursuit challenge at the next Revolution on December 9. The Scottish cycling hero had been lined up to ride with Ian Stannard for a special two-up pursuit, but had no suitable challengers. He will now ride solo against the four 16 year-olds.


“We decided to tweak the format of the feature event to ensure the crowd get to see Graeme at his best,” said Technical Director Gordon Harling. “We knew that Graeme had taken on a similar challenge in the past against a team of amateur riders so lining him up against the Future Stars made perfect sense.”

Obree suggested a full pursuit distance giving him chance to wind his legs up. “It always takes me a while to get going,” he said. “So riding 4k suits me better. We will be riding on normal bikes as well which will help even things out; it’s going to be a good race.”

The DHL Future Stars team consists of Tom Skubala, Andy Fenn, Sam Freeman and Mark Christian. Not only will they be taking on Obree, they will also race in a special Future Stars Madison on top of the standard 1 mile dash, scratch race and Devil.

“It is going to be a tough night of racing,” said Future Stars team leader Mark Christian. “I’ll have to defend my lead in the competition as well as racing the extra events. It will be amazing to race against Graeme Obree though and all us are really looking forward to it.”

Christian holds a slim lead in the Future Stars on 162 points with Tom Skubala second on 156 and Andy Fenn third with 146 points. There will be plenty of action in the girls racing too with Wales’ Alex Greenfield locked in a tight battle with West Midlands rider Helen Clayton.


More information: www.cyclingrevolution.com. Tickets can be purchased from the website or by calling +44 (007005 942 579 or +44 (0)161 223 2244.