Off-roading in the UK this weekend

Your guide to what's on between January 11-13th

There are plenty of off-road events on in the UK this weekend

At a loose end this weekend, fancy a challenge to get you out of your comfort zone? Shake off those last vestiges of Christmas turkey or just do something new and check out the events below that are happening all round the UK this weekend. Don’t forget to set those alarms to get out there nice and early!



January 13th – National Trophy CX – The final decider

Not one you can enter but worth going along to watch as the best ‘crossers in the UK battle it out to see who will take the honours as top dog of an incredibly hard season. This comes hot on the heels of the British National Champs, so prepare to see a few battles take place as scores are settled. You never know it might encourage to get into the fastest growing section of cycling yourself!

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Mountain bike cross country

January 13th – Soggy Bottom – The Battle of the borders continues…

If it’s cross country racing you want, head on over to the renowned Newnham Park, Plymouth for some fast racing around one of the country’s best loved XC circuits. Check out the race within a race as competitors from outlying counties battle to be the best. Entries accepted on the day.

January 12th – Trail riding

Want to explore new terrain but would like to be shown some of the best sections to ride? Head over to Guildford and let Trailbreak help you explore the fringes of the North Downs.

The Shackleford course takes you around a variety of terrains from Puttenham Common down to the Devil’s Punchbowl. The choice of trails around there is bewildering, so the Trail Ride is definitely the way to get around the best of them. Catering for novices through to experts, this is a great way to keep those New Year resolutions rolling along.

Trail Quest

January 12th – NYMBO Winter Series Rd 3

NYMBO is the North Yorkshire Mountain Bike Orienteering Club, who organise at least one event in the county every month. At each event the challenge is to visit as many of the 30 control points in the event area within the time limit – which varies from 2 to 5 hours – using a pre-marked map.

January 13th – Trail Quest Navigator Racing

And now for something a bit different…

Ever been told that your navigational skills aren’t up too much? Wanna prove them wrong? Then head over to Shackleford to take part in navigator racing.

Shackleford is a real test of the navigator’s skill, with a maze of commonland tracks to choose from. Even if you keep away from the hills, the wrong choice of track on the commons will catch you in a sand trap. But get this course right and there are big scores to be had!

January 13th – Dark & White Winter League Trailquest Rd 4

For all those lovers of Robin Hood (and green tights) how about venturing up to Sherwood Forest and having a go at Trailquest? 99% off-road on superb tracks, trails and singletrack. All entry/information forms and on-line entry details are on the Diary of Events page at

Beer and chariot racing

Does all this sound a bit serious? Then how about heading over to Wales for the Saturnalia Beer festival? Oh and while you’re at it take some friends and have a go at chariot racing too. It’s not for the faint hearted, although if you can drag yourself away from the beer there is a mountain bike ride taking place on the Saturday.

January 11th-13th – Saturnalia Beer Festival & Chariot Racing

Saturnalia is the major annual festival of the Romans held in December or January each year. It was an event of unrestrained merry making when slaves were temporarily released and reversed roles with their masters and enjoyed the Bacchanalian frolics and fun, including games.


You are welcome to try your hand at a spot of bike chariot racing. Requiring a three-person team (two on the bikes pulling one in the chariot), this is a new event to make your ‘Roman’ experience even more enjoyable. Toga wearing not essential but feel free to get into the spirit.