Oh No! Not Again

You've gotta feel sorry for Tara Llanes. It's less than a year since her 2002 season was cut short b

Tasty Tara’s in the wars again

You’ve gotta feel sorry for Tara Llanes. It’s less than a year since her 2002 season was cut short by a crash during a 4X practise, (which left her with a collapsed lung and torn knee ligaments so lovingly described in MBUK by Ms broken bones, Helen Mortimer) she’s been involved in another accident, this time of the car variety.


Llanes, team mates Dustin Adams and Jared Rando, and team mechanic Matt Duniho were on their way to Vermont for a NORBA NCS, when they were involved in a RTA with another vehicle. Tara suffered a broken foot, her team mates suffered minor scrapes, while the Mech needed stitches.

Giant team director Steve Westover tells us the team truck, which was towing the 30-foot team trailer, was totaled. “The engine was pushed three feet back from normal”.

After going to a hospital in Pennsylvania on Monday night, Llanes flew back to California on Tuesday.

“When the Shimano guys found out what happened they volunteered to drive the nine hours from Vermont to the accident site to bring the trailer up. We’ve been getting offers of support from all kinds of people. It’s been amazing.” Says Steve.

Commenting on Tara’s luck he said, “It’s hard to believe she has to go through this again, it seems like she just got over her last injury.”


Tara, who is a 4X specialist, finished fourth in 4X at both WC 1 and 2.