Optical solution to London’s killer HGVs

Transport for London distribute 10,000 window lenses

The Fresnel lens reveals an otherwise invisible cyclist

As spring arrives and more Londoners take to their bikes, Transport for London (TfL) has launched a major new campaign to tackle the biggest cause of cycle fatalities in the capital.


More than half of all cycle deaths on London’s roads follow a collision with a goods vehicle. To help address the issue, TfL is working with haulage companies and cyclists to help make sure that cyclists can be safer and more visible on the capital’s roads.

This week, TfL have begun distributing 10,000 free safety lenses, known as Fresnel lenses, to freight companies operating vehicles in London. The lenses stick on to the passenger window of a truck cab, improving lorry drivers’ vision of cyclists.  The lens is one of the tools of the Freight Operator Recognition Scheme (FORs), which encourages hauliers to ensure best practice both for driving standards and vehicle safety.

To help cyclists improve their visibility, TfL are giving away environmentally friendly wind-up powered secondary lights, and promoting the free or subsidised adult cycle training that is available through many of London’s borough councils. TfL will also be launching a new thought provoking advertising campaign designed to make drivers aware of the needs of cyclists on the road.

The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone said:


“Cycling in London is getting much safer, but one safety issue that has been very difficult to address until now is the fact that more than half of cyclist fatalities on the Capital’s roads involve a collision with a goods vehicle. These safety lenses are a simple measure that will help drivers of these vehicles to see cyclists. This will save lives and make cycling safer for both cyclists and lorry drivers. ”