Oregon Scientific release new ATC5K helmet cam

LCD screen, still shot function, remote control, wider field of view

Oregon Scientific have released an updated version of their ever popular ATC camera range. Aimed at the commuter and budget helmet cam user, the ATC5K promises extra usability and clearer results for £149.99.


You can’t help but notice the new 1.5” colour LCD screen on the unit, which allows you to view exactly where the lens is pointing and what the output video will look like. The output video can then be played back through the LCD screen. Older units relied on precise positioning of the camera [which you only found out when you got home and uploaded to a PC], the new unit takes away the hassle.

The remote control is a neat little addition to the kit, which should save the fat fingered having to locate the small buttons like on previous models. Attach to head, press record on remote, and go.

The increased 53° range of view should provide for a better video too, picking up more road or trail detail. And if you want to take a still shot on your ride, the ATC5K can do this too.

Additional features from previous ATC models include video capture at 640 x 480 VGA resolution at 30 frames per second, waterproof up to 10 feet and shock-resistant, use as a webcam, SD card expansion up to 4GB – onboard memory is 32MB.


It’s available from Action Cameras now.