Osmo for Kids hydration mix launched

Dr Stacy Sims overhauls her hydration formula for children

Osmo for Kids comes in single-serving packets

Dr Stacy Sims was the exercise physiologist and sports nutritionist behind Skratch Labs‘ hydration mix. She and business partner Dr Allen Lim parted ways and Sims launched Osmo Nutrition with similar products in 2012. Now, on the heels of Osmo Active Hydration for Women, Sims has Osmo for Kids.


Made with organic fruit, and without any artificial colors, Awesome Orange Osmo for Kids is much more than a sugary drink or a watered-down juice, Sims said. 

“Being a scientist, I am very aware of the impact severe dehydration has on children around the world,” Sims said. “When I became a mom, my focus on performance hydration became a passion for finding the best hydration solution for my daughter and all children. I developed the Kids formula to meet the specific physiology and needs of sweaty and active kids of all ages: Be it for sports, for general thirst, and/or an electrolyte replacement for when our kids are ill, as opposed to diluting juice, Pedialyte or sports drinks.”

Osmo for Kids has 100mg of sodium per serving (less than an adult serving), potassium and a 1% carbohydrate solution of glucose and sucrose. Sims uses organic freeze-dried fruit with organic tangerine oil to sweeten the taste for kids’ palates.

Osmo for kids is available in single-serve packets online at www.osmonutrition.com.