Our dumb April Fool’s vape pack is real and we couldn’t be happier

Vaprwear Hydro-Vape Backpack lets you stow your own cloud

Way back on 1 April 2017, we posted a review of an entirely fictitious product, the TokeTank Trail hydration pack with a built-in vaping system. To our utter bemusement, someone has gone and made a real vape-pack which you can buy with real money and wear on your actual real-life body while partaking in outdoor activities.


Spotted on Gearjunkie, the Vaprwear Hydro-Vape Backpack is a bona-fide outdoor rucksack, perfect for the vapist at large.

The Vaprwear Hydro-Vape Backpack lets you take cloud nine along for the ride
It includes space for a standard hydration bladder but what makes it special is the built-in “Patented Drawstring Vapor Delivery System”, which lets you rip the tonkest vapes as a part of your active outdoor lifestyle. 
Could vaping fit in well with your outdoor lifestyle?
Billed as “the world’s first backpack to deliver integrated, portable hydration and vapor delivery”, this 12-litre rucksack comes in a choice of four colours including a stealthy camo option for vapists who want to blend in with the scenery. It costs $109.99, a sum that’s considerably more reasonable than the $420 our TokeTank launched at. 
The TokeTank Trail was clearly ahead of its time
Oli Woodman / Immediate Media

We don’t know if the good people at Vaprwear read our little bicycle website, but we’d like to think we served as inspiration in the creation of a product for which the market was clearly crying out. We salute you, Vaprwear, for making our dreams real.