Pacific-Cycles buys Swivel-Head

Increases folding technology


Pacific-Cycles, a Taiwanese manufacturer of specialty bikes, has purchased Swivel-Head folding bike technology from MAS Design.


Swivel-Head bikes received awards at the 2007 Taipei International Cycle Exhibition (TBEA awards), and IGUS ‘Manus 2006’ (Special Design Award). The technology enables all bikes and especially full sized bicycles, to fold into compact, portable sizes that previously only small wheeled bikes could achieve, according to MAS Design.

According to MAS Design Managing Director Mark Sanders, full sized wheels are chosen by most cyclists and are excellent for any off road use.

“However, small, portable size is necessary if a folding bike is used for commuting,” he added. “Multi-modal commuting by folding bike is a rapidly growing market, especially in large urban areas. When folding bikes are used with other forms of transport (eg trains, buses, and cars) they are ideal to link several legs of a journey to become ‘door-to-door’ in minimal overall time. These bikes can be stored in-doors, avoiding theft problems.”

Swivel-Head technology was initially licensed by Ming Cycle. The rights were recently returned to MAS Design, allowing this new partnership with Pacific-Cycles.

“There has been huge response from end users keen to buy bikes with this folding technology, and although I’m sorry these potential customers will have to to wait a little longer, they will benefit from Pacific-Cycles’ superb engineering and quality,” Sanders said. “I’m delighted to be working with George and Michael Lin, who are legendary for their innovations and have exciting plans for Swivel-Head technology, and bikes.”

Pacific-Cycles chairman, George Lin, said: “Since first seeing the technology, I was impressed by its function. It allows us to increase our own range of folding bicycles over the whole range of wheel sizes from the CarryMe to 700c, to offer even more solutions to our customers.”

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