Picture the scene, a wet dark night in Whistler, Canada. You're involved in a fender bender and deci

We said Steve was going mounty and he seems to be taking his new role very seriously. A couple of months Dale Holmes flung himself off his bike to catch a burglar, now Steve Peat has taken top body checking pick up trucks

Picture the scene, a wet dark night in Whistler, Canada. You’re involved in a fender bender and decide to try and get away with it by putting the pedal to the metal. What you don’t expect to happen as you drive off, is six feet four of Steve Peat to hurl himself onto the back of your truck. But that’s exactly what happened recently!


After a night out over in Canada, Peaty and Richie Schley were getting into their vehicle, when someone smashed into the back end. The driver tried to make a run for it in the rain but Peaty and Rich gave chase.

Peaty, still with stitches in his calf from his recent Mini Bike accident dove onto the open flat bed of the truck. Yelling for the guy to stop, Steve held on as the driver tried to shake him off!

Eventually skidding to a halt, the driver got out and threw Steve to the ground, he immediately got back up, only to be threatened by the driver who now had a lump of 2×4. Peaty punched him in the chest, and knocked him to the ground, the driver made a last ditch attempt to get back to the cab, but Steve flung him to the ground and grabbed the keys from the ignition. The driver fled.

The licence plate of the vehicle was taken, and the keys handed back – sorted.


Steve’s back now and having a hard time trying to organise his wedding – how do you get 3,000 friends into a castle that takes 160?