Peaty writes

Well then where shall i start? first off i decided to go out to the USA to support the 1st Norba ro

Letter from Big Bear

Well then where shall i start? first off i decided to go out to the USA to support the 1st Norba round of 03 in Big Bear.It was all going mint, 4X went ok, i made the quarters. Me and Minnaar rd DH practise together and i felt good on the track even though i haven’t rd Big Bear dirt for a few years (it’s different to anything else a bit like kitty litter).


Then all of a sudden on my last pracky run the kitty litter shit bit me, i sunk into a soft berm and went down fast on my right side, over the bars and face planted in the dirt. It took a few minutes talking to Sharples and Kovarik till i came round (thanks boys) my wrist was hurting too. I cruised very slowly down the hill and the thing started swelling like a trooper. Oh well strap it up and ride the qualifier, i had a mellow run down and finished second, shit what was everyone doing out there?

My wrist felt ok but i could’nt move around on the bike right. But anyway it made me feel a bit better for the final later on.

After my power nap i went up for the final, my run went OK apart from all those Evil Kinevel landings cos of the stiff wrist (it was the strapping…Honest). It would have been nice to be able to attack a bit more, but considering i thought i wouldn’t ride this morning i was fairly happy with second (and stoked for Eric Carter pulling the double off) .14 of a sec is a bitch to lose by though, and Kovarik was only .33 behind too. Close or what?

Me and Andy hit the rd to LA and stayed with Neal Wood for the night, when i got up my wrist was ballooning like a mutha funster. 17 hours later i was nearly home and on my way to to the hospital, Another 4 hours in casulty and i was on my way home again with a bloody pot on my wrist.Turns out i have pulled some bone off one of the small bones in the back of my hand. I have to go back to fracture clinic tomorrow and get it checked out. But what ever happens, if i could ride down Big Bear i will be riding down Fort William. Talk to you all soon……………….Peaty


PS: I did take a pic but i couldn’t download it…….sos