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Pete Tomkins (aka Mr Crud) has raced mountain bikes since they were invented. There came a time when

Three pictures that sum up Bike Show BSX

Pete Tomkins (aka Mr Crud) has raced mountain bikes since they were invented. There came a time when he preferred to race bikes with engines and pedal for fun, but his involvement as sponsor, agent provocateur, Dutch Uncle and partner in disruption with Britain’s top downhillers never ceased as he continued on the circuit with Youth Champion son Jamie.


(Jamie’s at an age now to kick his dad’s drinking buddies out of the hotel room, guitars, fiddles, unsuitable young ladies and all, so he can get some kip and be race fit in the morning. It’s a bit ironic really. A continuation of what Pete did to him and what his road racer father did to Pete.)

Bike racing is in the blood and it’s hard to get Pete away from trackside where he makes good use of his camera.

These pictures sum up the Bike Show BSX racing. The track was excellent, but it was essentially a BMX track. The prize money attracted some of the best BMX racers in the world who have switched to mountain bikes for this kind of event. The downhillers were impressively strong, particularly Peaty whose acceleration could be awesome, but the specialists did best. Eric Carter winning the final and Dale Holmes taking the most money (by our calculation any way).

The track featured a set of dirt jumps down the middle, on which the top boyz styled their jumps and did all the crowd pleasing 360s and backflips to order. It was fine to watch, but slightly frustrating to think that some of the best dirt jumpers ever were 300 yards down the hall riding BMX street and didn’t get the chance to bite the dust.

They subjected the crowd to a shock and awe campaign on the street course though, which made up for plenty.


Opening picture: Eric Carter.
Main picture: Peaty beats Jamie T at the gate.
Picture 1: Dale Holmes, the master of this style of racing, scoops up the prize money like a whale scoops up krill.