Play promotes cycling in British primary schools

Youngsters encouraged to walk or ride to school

A new play encourages children to cycle to school

Primary school pupils in Leicestershire have been learning about traffic congestion and the benefits of cycling to school through an interactive play.


Road Race is set in a future where people use cars for all journeys. It teaches youngsters that changes need to be made now in order to improve life in the future, and that by thinking about alternatives to travelling by car, they can play a part in those changes.

The tour of Road Race, by the Stopwatch theatre company, has been organised by Leicestershire County Council’s road safety and travel awareness team. The play has been performed in 10 schools.


Councillor Nicholas Rushton, the local authority’s cabinet member with responsibility for highways and transportation, said: “Taking part in Road Race has been a fun way to learn, but there is a serious message behind it – that we do need to reduce the number of car journeys we make. In the county, 196 schools now have a school travel plan, which is a series of practical steps to get children walking and cycling to school as a healthier alternative, and to reduce traffic at the school gate.”