Police probe into time triallist’s death continues

Military funeral to be held in Wales tomorrow

Major Gareth Rhys-Evans died while competing in a time trial on 3 May

Police are continuing their investigation into the death of Major Gareth Rhys-Evans, who was fatally injured while taking part in a time trial on the A1.


Contrary to reports in the local press, the case has not been closed and charges could still be brought against the female driver of the car involved in the accident.

A spokeswoman for Cambridgeshire police told BikeRadar: “Normally a fatal collision takes weeks to investigate. There haven’t been any arrests yet. The investigation is still ongoing.”

At the weekend, hundreds of time trial riders across Britain wore black armbands in memory of the Welshman, who was known as Druid on a popular time trialling forum.

A military funeral will take place for him at 2pm tomorrow (Wednesday, 13 May) at Llandingat Church in his home town of Llandovery, south-west Wales. His family are asking for donations to Help for Heroes.

Maj Rhys-Evans, 38, died in a crash involving a Ford Ka on the A1 near Eaton Ford, St Neot’s, on Sunday 3 May. The accident happened during the Icknield Road Club 25-mile event starting from Tempsford, Bedfordshire.

He joined the Army in 1996, aged 25, and went on to command 12 Military Intelligence Company, part of 1 Military Intelligence Battalion.


The Army Cycling Union member was based in Germany but was staying with relatives in Bar Hill. He leaves a 32-year-old wife and two young children.