Police raid VDB’s home after shooting

Frank Vandenbroucke's life appears to be in turmoil again after police raided his home following rep

Frank Vandenbroucke’s life appears to be in turmoil again after police raided his home following rep

PICTURE BY TIM DE WAELE A dozen Belgian police officers wearing bullet-proof vests were called to Frank Vandenbroucke’s home at Nieuwkerke, near Ypres, in Belgium on Monday afternoon after receiving an emergency call reporting a gun being discharged in the house. Although the local judicial authorities have refused to release any information on the incident except to say that no one had been charged, according to Belgian newspaper Le Soir both Vandenbroucke and his wife, Sarah, were questioned by police in the house. The couple were reported to have been arguing when a shotgun was discharged into the air. Sarah Vandenbroucke later left the house alone, reportedly “crying and in a state of shock” according to witnesses at the scene. Half an hour after this the Fassa Bortolo rider left the house with a friend. The Belgian media cited several witnesses who said that the Fassa Bortolo rider had appeared to be living on his nerves. In recent days he has been in dispute with Fassa team manager Giancarlo Ferretti after refusing a request to ride in the Tour of Portugal because, said Vandenbroucke, he had been suffering with tendonitis in his knee. The Belgian also refused to start the Tour de France citing injury problems. As well as pressure from his team, Vandenbroucke is also to go on trial in the next few months to answer charges of possessing doping products. The Belgian rider’s father told Le Soir that relations between his son and Sarah were now so bad that “divorce is being discussed”. Some of VDB’s neighbours reported that the rider had threatened even threatened to kill himself during arguments with his wife.