Pound: Armstrong case to go on

WADA chief Dick Pound declares that his organisation's investigation into Lance Armstrong's alleged

WADA chief Dick Pound declares that his organisation’s investigation into Lance Armstrong’s alleged



World Anti-Doping Agency president Dick Pound had said that the investigation into allegations of doping made by French newspaper L’Equipe against Lance Armstrong will continue in the new year. “It’s not going to go away,” Pound told Reuters. “We’re dealing with all the spins out there right now but behind scenes there are investigations quietly proceeding.”

Pound added: “There is no urgency because he is not going to be in another race, but there are some explanations that are going to have to be given.”

Following Armstrong’s seventh Tour victory, L’Equipe published a story alleging the American had used the banned blood-boosting product EPO on his way to victory in the 1999 race. Armstrong has consistently denied that he has ever used performance-enhancing drugs.


The combative Pound was also critical of the International Cycling Union, saying: “The UCI says it is conducting an investigation, although we can’t seem to get information about it, and we are doing our own. Right now the only thing they seem concerned about is how this embarrassing information got into the public domain. And there are another 15 or so positive tests on which they refuse to comment.”