Power Up Emergency Battery could save you on the trails

[And just before you ask, no, the pic above isn't the actual size!] Ever been out on the trail in ne

Pop it in your pack, it’s only little

[And just before you ask, no, the pic above isn’t the actual size!]


Ever been out on the trail in need of a juice boost for your mobile? This could be the thing for you.

The Power Up Emergency Battery provides 120 minutes talk time, 48 hours standby (30 to 40 calls) and weighs a mere 30g. It’s only 5 mm thin so can easily be slipped into a wallet or hydration pack and left until you need to top your mobile up – either making an emergency call, or calling home to get the other half to start the dinner! It’s splash proof and low temperature-resistant, so should be fine in all conditions. We’ll definitely be popping this into our riding kit just in case…

Allthebestgadgets.co.uk is a new website that’s selling the battery, and they’ve also got a competition to win an Electric Chopper bike. Click here to check out the other cool gadgets on the site.


Here’s the actual size of the battery – and it’s a little bit thicker than a credit card. Amazing!