Preview: New folder from Mezzo

New D10 performance folder sheds weight and ups spec over standard Mezzo D9

Mezzo, the UK folding bike company, has added a new model to its range. The D10 is the new range-topper and slots in above the D9. The new bike has ten gears, hence the name, and is 300g lighter than the D9 and features a number of eye-catching componentry upgrades including a specially made 56T chainset.


The all new 6061 aluminium monocoque frame is where the majority of weight is dropped over the D9. In performance terms the lighter weight makes for snappier acceleration and easier climbing, it’s also a welcome saving if you’re hauling the folded D10 on and off public transport. With its anodised finish and laser etched graphics the new frame is an eye-catching piece of work too. The extra stiffness further enhances ride performance making for a noticeably responsive ride with none of the flex or bobbing usually associated with folders at speed.

In folding bike terms the D9 is no slouch but on a quick back to back test ride of the new D10 and the latest D9 the new range topper proved to have a definite edge with ride quality and performance – the combination of the 56T chainring and an all new SRAM 11-28 rear cassette make for smoother faster power delivery than the D9’s 52-12-27 drivetrain. Mezzo are making the 56T chainset available as an aftermarket upgrade – so D9 owners can add that extra oomph if they want it.

Other D10  upgrades over the D9 include a Shimano 105 rear derailleur matched up to an all new 11-28 rear cassette that with the custom made 56 tooth chainset gives a very versatile range of gears. The new bike also has an interesting brake set up with a V-brake on the rear matched to a calliper up front.  The V gives extra bite at the back and while the two brakes do feel different they are nicely balanced and offer similar levels of modulation.

Other features worth noting are a redesigned seat clamping system which allows for a lower closing force – which should help riders who haven’t got the grip of Glen Ross and the Montague Click system quick release levers – which are now a feature on all Mezzo’s models. The advantage here is that they are both easy to use and should offer a greater level of safety.


The new D10 will sell for £850 in the UK and should be available later this year. Look out for a test on BikeRadar soon.