Preview: Wilier Cento Uno

Italian manufacturer’s “perfect new road machine”

Wilier has just released details of its new top-of-the-range road bike, the Cento Uno, which the company says is lighter, stronger and stiffer than previous models.


The Cento Uno has many upgrades over previous incarnations including a weight saving of 120g, new integrated seatstay, chainstay and seat tube and an asymmetrical monocoque rear triangle to free up chain movement.

Wilier claims that the carbon used for the frame is able to withstand forces equal to 46 tons per square millimetre, and the wall thickness of tubes at the back of the frame have been slightly enlarged for increased strength and durability.

The integrated bottom bracket is a Wilier Triestina exclusive, compatible with all major crank and bottom bracket systems currently on the market. The bottom bracket shell has been enlarged by 39 per cent, increasing lateral stiffness for more efficient power transfer.

Colours available will be red, white, or carbon grey from stock but you can order red and yellow or blue and white or team Lampre livery. You can also order the Cunego replica bike in white.


We’ll update you with prices as soon as we get them