Prototype Bontrager downhill rims tested by Trek World Racing

New alloy rims feature generous width, tubeless-friendly shape

Trek World Racing riders used a new prototype 27.5in Bontrager aluminium rim for the UCI World Cup downhill round in Windham, New York. Details are scant at the moment but the information we do have is certainly encouraging.

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Team mechanics told us that the new aluminium rims have a generous 28mm internal width, which should lend excellent support to the higher-volume tyres used in downhill racing. The relatively shallow depth should allow for a decent amount of radial flex, too – something many riders actually prefer.

The new alloy rim boasts a generous 28mm internal width along with a tubeless-friendly shape with shallow sidewalls. note the lack of reinforcing eyelets:

We spotted Trek World Racing downhill rigs equipped with prototype Bontrager rims

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We also noticed that the outer profile of the rim bears a tubeless-friendly shape for easier sealing and a more secure fit. Several team wheels we spotted bore multiple dents from hard rock strikes but the sealant within seemed to be doing its job.

Despite the lack of reinforcing eyelets, the rims are supposedly holding up pretty well, too.

The trek world racing team used a new prototype bontrager dh-focused aluminum rim at the world cup round in windham, new york:

This rim has several dents in it but thanks to its shape – and the sealant inside – it seems to have fared relatively well, all things considered

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More complete details – such as claimed weights, available sizes, and a model name – are expected from Trek later this year.