Qashqai Urban Challenge first round results

Trond Hansen wins in Milan

The first round of the Qashqai Urban Challenge freeride competition took place in Parco Sempione Milan at the weekend, and Norwegian Trond Hansen took the top podium spot ahead of Mischa Breitenstein and Sam Pilgrim.


The fifteen finalists ran in reverse order, ending with the top qualifier Martin Soederstrom from Sweden. The riders had to be strategic with their three runs in the finals when the wind picked up, as their two best scores were combined. Norway’s Trond Hansen and Switzerland’s Mischa Breitenstein judged the weather well, and earned their spots in the final challenge events.

In the first round of the finals, Trond pulled off a clean front flip over the final jump for a good first round score. In his next round he earned the highest score of the day as the first rider to pull a clean 360 over the first jump, straight into a one-footed 360 invert, followed by a tyre grab to set up for an opposite 360 over the last double.

The riders will be making the trip to the famous Bernabeu stadium in Madrid next week for another shot at qualifying for the final Nissan Qashqai Challenge Events.



  1. Trond Hansen              SPECIALIZED                 NOR  
  2. Mischa Breitenstein      KONA EUROPE               SUI  
  3. Sam Pilgrim                 DIAMONDBACK BIKES    GBR  
  4. Darren Pokoj               FELT                             AUS  
  5. Kurtis Sorge               GIANT BICYCLES            CAN  
  6. Adam Hauck                BLACKMARKET              USA  
  7. Damjan Siriski             AUTHOR                        CZE  
  8. Geoff Gulevich             ROCKY MOUNTAIN          CAN  
  9. Phil Sundbaum            HARO, GRAVITY             USA  
  10. Hoppensack              ADIDAS                         GER  
  11. Mitchell Chubey          NSMB.COM                    CAN  
  12. Alex Reveles              ADIDAS                        USA  
  13. Linus Sjöholm           SCOTT                          SWE  
  14. Martin Söderström    COLORBIKES                  SWE  
  15. Andrew Taylor          VERSUS CYCLES             USA