QuickStep teammates struck by car while training

Hulsmans, Van Impe walk away with minor cuts

QuickStep teammates Kevin Van Impe and Kevin Hulsmans were involved in an accident near Van Impe’s house in Oosterzele, Belgium Tuesday. The two teammates were training with two other athletes.


“We were just riding along easily,” Hulsmans said, “when at a certain point a car coming from behind hit us and threw us to the ground. The impact sent Van Impe clear to the other side of the road. Luckily, there were no cars coming the other way.

“I ended up against a light post, and another one of our friends broke his clavicle,” he added. “The driver stopped and help was there soon after. We were very lucky. Considering how fast the car was going, and by the look of our bikes, I must say that it could have been much worse.”  

According to team spokesman Alessandro Tegner, both QuickStep riders came away with minor scrapes and bruises on their arms and legs.

No word from the authorities if teammate Tornado Tom Boonen was the driver in question…

Boonen a little too fast

Tom Boonen has proved to be too fast on the road, and will now have to get around on just his bike for a while. The QuickStep rider was clocked driving at 120 km/h in a 70 km/h zone in Mol, Belgium last Thursday night, and as a result has lost his driving licence for 14 days. The police confirmed that they caught the former world champion in a radar trap.

Hulsmans and boonen admiring tornado tom’s lamborghini in 2006.: hulsmans and boonen admiring tornado tom’s lamborghini in 2006.
Tim de Waele

“I drove too fast and I will pay for that,” Boonen told SportWereld. “It was a very successful police action because they stopped many people. The difference is that those people will not be in the newspapers the next day, and I will. But wrong is wrong, I have no problem with that.”


According to Belgian law, Boonen will have to forfeit his driver’s licence for 14 days, and had to be driven home from the incident. After a police investigation it will be decided whether there will be additional sanctions, such as a further driving ban, a fine, or a driving course.