QuickTools multitool

Never leave your multitool at home again

We spotted the QuickTools multitool whilst treading the floors of Eurobike and it’s one of those gadgets that won us over after initial scepticism.


The Quicktool is a multitool integrated into a quick release skewer. The main selling point being that you never have to pack a multitool again because the Quicktool is always there holding your back wheel in place. A neat bit of CNC machined kit the mutlitool features five of the most usable tools that should see you through the most common trailside mechanicals: 4 and 5mm Allen keys, Phillips head screwdriver, chaintool and two sized spoke wrench.
The design of the Quicktool is rock solid on the bike, is rattle free and weighs in the same as an XTR quick release skewer. Initially designed for the mountain bike Quicktool are also working on a130mm axled road going version. Expect prices to be around the €50 mark, we’ll be getting one it for test as soon as production versions become available.
For further details check out Quicktools