Rails-to-Trails looking for 15,000 miles of help

Nonprofit seeking participants to raise US$15,000 by July 4

15,000 miles for US$15,000 is easy with more people involved.

How many trail miles can you travel between now and July 4th? The American Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is looking for people to join its 15,000 Miles Campaign.


“We are challenging RTC members and supporters to cycle, run, walk or skate 15,000 miles between Memorial Day weekend (May 23 – 25) and the Fourth of July and raise US$15,000 in the process, to support rail-trail development across the country,” board chairman Joe Louis Barrow, Jr. said.

According to the RTC, all participants have to do is make a personal mileage and gift commitment to travel a specific amount of miles on trails and donate a certain amount for each mile to help the RTC reach their goal of 15,000 miles and US$15,000. The number of miles and amount of the donation is up to each participant.

“While we all individually love and use rail-trails, collectively our efforts have led to the creation of more than 15,000 miles across the country,” Barrow added. “Help us get started on building the next 15,000 miles by joining with other RTC members and supporters.”


For more information, visit www.railstotrails.org