Raleigh USA’s limited-run experimental bikes – Interbike 2012

The $900 Tripper doesn't fit neatly into one category

Last year Raleigh USA launched the Landlord Series of limited run bikes to toy around with different mixes of parts and categories. For 2013, there are three Landlord bikes, including the $900 trekking-inspired Roper, the $1,500 singlespeed Furley and the $900 Tripper shown here.


The bikes are only available in North America – not in the UK.

“The Landlord Series is just an experiment, really,” Raleigh USA’s Mark Landsaat said. “We only make limited quantities of each of these bikes, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. People who buy them end up with a pretty unique bike.”

The Tripper has an internal 3-speed gearing, extra spokes mounted on the chainstay, a single-piece bar/stem, cyclocross tires and disc brakes.

The steel frame comes in five sizes with a clearcoat over the metal that leaves the blemishes of the welds intact.


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Will you change a spoke on the road? probably not. but you could: will you change a spoke on the road? probably not. but you could
Ben Delaney/BikeRadar
Will you change a spoke on the road? Probably not. But you could