Rapha Roller Race II

Culture Clash at the Classic Car Club Nov. 17


British clothing company Rapha is staging Roller Race: Culture Clash II, a grand night of roller racing to benefit leukemia research on Saturday 17 November 2007 at the Classic Car Club in Old Street, London.


A roller race is a form of entertainment, popular in the 1950s. Races were held at night in grand ballrooms and theatres. The racing interspersed with live big band music and dancing. Two or four racers on bicycles fixed to rollers would ride against each other for 500 metres, their progress shown on a large clock.

The Rapha Roller Race II will feature a four-way clash between teams of bicycle couriers, cycle journalists, media folk and a ‘dark horse’ Dutch team made up of unnamed riders. The 500-metre sprints will be staged in a boxing ring, pitching rider against rider for added intensity and drama. The night also includes a ‘Have-a-Go’ Race: the chance for anyone to test their skills on the rollers with the best times going through to a final on the main stage.

This Rapha Roller Race follows the success of the Rapha Culture Clash staged at the Shoreditch Town Hall in February 2007. There, 300 people witnessed a team of journalists bag the team and individual competition. While the male cycle messenger team finished last, the girl messengers won in convincing fashion over the Fireflies media team. The ‘Have-a-go’ was won by Simon Jackson, with Mark Denton second.

Culture Clash II takes place at the Classic Car Club, 250 Old Street, London EC1 from 7 pm to 1 am. Entry is £10 on the door with £2.50 going to Leuka; a leukemia research charity. Numbers limited to 500. Tickets can also be bought from the Rapha web site for £8.

There will be prizes of Rapha products and other merchandise, DJs and a paying bar. The roller race is part of a Rapha Winter Series of Roller Racing with two more events scheduled for January and March.

“This will be a fantastic night of roller racing entertainment,” said Simon Mottram, Rapha’s Managing Director. “With February’s champions and teams preparing to defend titles in November, the audience can expect an atmosphere at fever pitch and sprint duels to remember.”

Rapha Roller Race II: Culture Clash

Classic Car Club
250 Old Street
London EC1

Note: All racers will be covered by insurance provided by the British Cycling Federation. Competitors will only be able to race on the bicycles provided. The competition roller set used are not free rollers, but fixed to the front fork for safety reasons.


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