Recon Jet opens a new frontier for wearable bike tech

Love live data? These smart glasses promise to put it closer than ever

This video was produced in partnership with Recon.


The premise is simple: take all the functions you’d get on a GPS bike computer, add a mini camera, an Android operating system for future app compatibility and phone syncing – and make it all visible through a tiny screen on the eyepiece.

It supports a LOT of sensors: it’s ANT+, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible, so can feed in data from your power meter, cadence sensor, heart rate monitor – you name it. The modular design also means users can snap off the battery and computing module to add more juice or swap between the four lenses (clear, yellow, Smoke and Spectral, the latter being for high-glare situations).

Recon jet eyewear

The inbuilt speakerphone and microphone mean it can tell you about incoming phone calls then let you answer them. Get back home and it’ll start automatically downloading your ride to Strava, TrainingPeaks or whatever. Plus, being an Android-based open computing platform, new apps are being developed every day to increase the Jet’s capability.


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