Red Bull Rampage this weekend

Crazy freeride comp returns to the dirt

The Red Bull Rampage freeride mountain biking competition takes place this weekend in Virgin, Utah after a four year absence, and judging by the shots we’ve seen of the course, it could get messy.


Some of the world’s best riders are set to take on the course, including British riders Gee and Dan Atherton, Frenchman Cedric Gracia, and US riders Cam McCaul and Cameron Zink.

The course is set on a network of ridges near ZionNational Park where riders have free reign to navigate their descent between a designated starting area and a finish line more than 1,000 vertical feet below.

This ramp should spice things up

Open practice starts today [Thursday], but the real action begins on Saturday when each of the 28 invited riders will make their way over thirty-plus foot gaps and cliff drops, and practice their tricks. Each rider gets two runs, and their best single run scores will determine the top 14 for Sunday’s final.

The 14 finalists will run two more descents on Sunday, where the best score wins.


Here’s a video of Gee Atherton talking about, and riding the course: