Retro mountain bikers uniting in Holland September 4

1st annual Old World Mountain Bike Championships

The first Old World Mountain Bike Championships, to be held in Bergen, north Holland September 4-5, is building momentum, with support from the likes of pioneers Charlie Kelly, Gary Fisher, Joe Breeze and Charlie Cunningham.


“The idea for this nostalgic event came from a group of vintage mountain bike enthusiasts, who now organise a weekend of retro bike activities in the style of the early Californian fat tire festivals,” said event organiser Neil Ruddock.  

“As enthusiastic restorers and riders of classic mountain bikes, we recognised that, despite the growth of interest in pioneering and important brands, there were no activities or races dedicated to those early days of mountain biking,” he added. “As part of a three year programme, this event will be staged in the UK next year and in California in 2011.”

Designed to crown the first Old World Mountain Bike Champion, all OWMTBC competitors will have to use mountain bikes built before 1996, with extra points gained for original features including cantilever brakes, skinwall tyres and race clothing.

The 2009 event presents a scenic and challenging cross-country course in the dunes; a crazy retro bike fashion show, along with a novel twist on paired trials riding in a Dutch box bike sponsored by Howies. The VIP Amsterdam pre-party theme is ‘Dress like Gary Fisher’.

Howies and have been added as presenting sponsors of the inaugural event.

Event timetable:

    * Thursday 3rd September – ‘Gary Fisher’ pre-party in Amsterdam

    * Friday 4th September – transport to Bergen, sign on, beach run, Concours D’Elegance and trials show

    * Saturday 5th September – sign on, retro bike and fashion show, XC event, trials competition and post-race party


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