Retro radness with Mountain Biking UK

Doddy unearths some gems in the archives

Mountain Biking UK has been there since the early days of the sport

If last month’s retro biking blog whetted your appetite, with its dodgy Lycra, legendary riders and ungainly looking bikes that at the time were the height of cool, then you’re in luck – ‘part deux’ is now online.


Mountain Biking UK’s Doddy has been trawling through the archives again and has come up with some gems, including:

* Classic kit: Answer’s A-Tac stem, the Manitou 2 fork, Dave’s Chain Device, the Roox Chaindog and, er, Uvex skydiving goggles

* Groundbreaking bikes from Trek, Marin, Haro, Alpinestars, Cannondale, Merlin, Chuck, Rotwild, Foes and Sunn

* Incredible riders who helped shape the sport, including John Tomac, Shaun Palmer, Jason McRoy and Rob Warner


For more, click on over to Doddy’s Back to the Old Skool, part deux blog.