Ride of Silence set for May

Your chance to ride in honour of cyclists killed on public roads

A Ride of Silence that took place in Kansas, USA

The Ride of Silence is set to start rolling on 20 May, 2009 at many locations worldwide to commemorate cyclists who have been killed or injured while riding on public roads.


The annual ride series began in 2003 when Chris Phelan organized the first Ride Of Silence in Dallas after endurance cyclist Larry Schwartz was hit by the mirror of a passing bus and was killed. With only 10 days notice, the event attracted 1,000 riders.

As marks of respect for the cyclists honoured, riders should go no faster than 12 mph and remain silent during the ride. There are no sponsors and no registration fees.

Another main aim of the ride, held during the US’s Bike Safety month, is to raise the awareness of motorists, police and city officials to the safety needs of cyclists on public roads.

Nearly 8,000 riders participated in last year’s series of rides at 105 locations – the majority in North America, but with some perhaps unexpected venues too, including a team of scientists at Antarctica and a group from Bolivia. 


For more information, visit www.rideofsilence.org