Rider killed in collision with car in British race

Severn Bridge road race scene of fatality

Rapha Condor's Elliot Porter calls for the race to be stopped after a fatal collision

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A local road race in Britain ended tragically on Sunday, as a rider died following a head-on crash with a moving vehicle.

Officials have released the name of the rider: Junior Heffernan, 23, who rode for the Herbalife-Leisure Lakes team.

The Severn Bridge Road Race for E/123 riders, in South Gloucestershire, was to have been ten laps of a circuit course. However, after two laps the accident occurred. The rider had been at the front of the race. The details of the incident have yet to be officially announced, but witnesses stated the rider was passing the peloton and collided with the vehicle at high speed. It is not known if the vehicle was moving or stationary, or if passing was allowed on that section of the course.

Elliot Porter and a Rapha Condor rider, who witnessed the accident, called for the race to be stopped.

The Severn Bridge Road Race is known as a well-organised event with solid support from police and paramedics.

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Cyclingnews extends its sympathy to the rider’s family, friends, teammates and colleagues.