Rivendell launches new website

New features, new products from the Walnut Creek, CA company

Rivendell Bicycle Works has launched its new website, adding much overdue functionality, according to founder Grant Petersen.


“It is amazing to me, and I’m so thankful for it, that we’ve been able to get by this past year or two with a mediocre website,” Petersen explained on his “Peeking Through The Knothole” section of the site. “Our new site may not seem super to you, or maybe it does, but to me it is that times ten, not just because of its design, but also and mainly because for the first time, we have instant control over everything in it. In the past it has taken up to a week to fix an apostrophe, and that is now fixed.”

Rivendell members can now check online order history. New products like the Grip King pedal and Jack Brown touring tires are easier to find (look for a review of these items on BikeRadar soon). The “Shop” and “Read” links at the top of each make navigation much easier than the old site, with extensive product descriptions and new photos. All photography is done in-house, with content written by Petersen. All design and engineering was done by Zahnd. Visit Rivendell.


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