Rob Hayles able to race again

Will undergo further testing

Rob Hayles

British cyclist Rob Hayles is allowed to race again, following a two week break after a high haematocrit test


Hayles recorded a haematocrit value of 50.3% on 26 March, just prior to the track world championships. The UCI limit is 50%, above which a rider must rest for two weeks for health reasons. Although a high haematocrit can result from illegal blood boosting via EPO, going over the UCI limit is not considered a doping violation.

“British Cycling is very pleased that Rob has regained his licence from the UCI and will be able to continue his racing programme,” said British Cycling’s performance director Dave Brailsford in a statement. “We can now continue to concentrate on preparation for the Olympics in Beijing.”


Hayles will now undergo two more weeks of screening to seek a dispensation certificate from the UCI to establish whether he has a naturally high haematocrit level.