Rob Lee to retire from regular racing

24-hour soloist takes role as mentor

Rob Lee, team manager and 24-hour solo racer at IronHorse Extreme, has announced that the 2008 season was his last as a regular on the 12 and 24-hour race circuits. He now plans to use his experience to inspire a new generation of soloists.


Rob intends to record a series of seven 24-hour style challenges, similar to the South Downs Double, that will push riders to improve their skills. He also plans to write a book on endurance mountain biking and the history of the solo to give newcomers and introduction to the sport, while running both a website and a blog.

This season’s South Downs Double opened Rob’s eyes to the possibilities of motivating others. “More people have told me how that one day of my life inspired them to do something – everything from dusting down that old bike to taking on the biggest challenge of their sporting lives – than anything I’ve ever done before,” he said. “Racing a bike will never be the same for me with that knowledge inside.

“Now I’m setting myself a new project that I hope will inspire many more people, in all different ways, to do things with bikes,” he continued. “It’ll stretch me and push my limits. I’ll need to call on all the skills that mountain biking and being outdoors, have given me, and learn many new ones just to make this a reality.

“I can’t promise I’ll never line up for a race again, but I can say that racing won’t be my main focus for at least the next two years!”


Anyone interested in sponsoring the project can contact Rob at