Rocky Mounts unveils new rooftop bicycle carrier

Pitchfork to replace Lariat SL model

Rocky Mounts recently introduced a new Pitchfork rooftop fork-mounted bicycle carrier to replace their popular Lariat SL model. 


Company owner Bobby Noyes designed the Pitchfork with an unusually low profile for a sleeker appearance and reduced wind noise yet the novel tubular tray – roughly half as tall as most carriers – is claimed to be 40 percent stiffer and stronger than typical roof rack extrusions. 

Nevertheless, the new tray can reportedly accommodate up to a 2.7” wide tire – the Lariat SL was rated to 2.4” – and a built-in cutout easily clears front disc brake calipers.

Up front, a similarly svelte head houses a convenient one hand-adjustable skewer with a generous 12mm throw that should clear most lawyer tabs.  Optional lock cores securely lock bike to rack (and rack to crossbar) as usual but an additional lock can also be added such that the mount is always locked to the crossbar regardless of whether or not the skewer is locked. 

The included mounting hardware will also fit both round and rectangular crossbars.

In keeping with the company’s high-value mantra, the Pitchfork retails for just US$89.95 and is available in a wide range of colours yet Bobby Noyes is adamant that the bargain pricing doesn’t reflect lesser quality as compared to better-known brands. 


“Anyone who uses our equipment is sold after the first road trip,” he said.  “We use marine grade stainless steels, UV stable nylons, and 6061 aluminium alloys.  [There are] no corners cut here.”