Rotor Bike Components to sponsor BMC UK Racing Team

Squad will use Italian brand's elliptical chainrings, cranks and BBs

Rotor Bike Components has come onboard as a sponsor of the BMC UK Racing Team. The team’s BMC bikes will be equipped with Rotor’s Agilis Evo Cranks, Q Ring elliptical chainrings and SABB bottom brackets as they compete in the Premier Calendar, National Circuit Series and Tour Series.


Team manager Alan Rosner said: “To have secured Rotor as a sponsor of the BMC UK Racing Team, with the chance to ride the same drivetrain equipment as the newly formed Cervelo Test Team, is a major coup for a squad like ours. It will be great to know that development projects in drivetrain technology from a Pro Tour team will be available to us throughout 2009.”

The team’s training bikes are already being fitted with Q Rings, which are designed to eliminate the pedalling ‘dead spot’, giving more uniform power delivery and enabling riders to ride longer with less fatigue.

Team rider Daniel Kogan said: “What struck me first when I started riding with the Q Rings was how much more efficient my legs felt. Whereas ordinary rings can make your stroke feel a bit choppy, the Q Rings made the bike and the transfer of power to the pedals much more balanced.” 

The Agilis Evo crankset is made from billet aluminium and features hollow alloy cranks, an adjustable-length, semi-integrated axle and Rotor’s self-aligning bottom bracket (SABB). This system uses external bearings which are set in cone-in-socket supports which allow them to swivel so they are absolutely parallel with each other, allowing independent self-alignment to the frame.

Robin Corder of Velotech Services, the UK distributor of Rotor Bike Components, said: “The BMC UK Racing Team and BMC bikes are the perfect platform for our 2009 team focus. The team management and riders excel in the professional manner they approach their sport. Rotor has a big future in the UK and we want BMC UK to be a major part of the success.”


The team will be heading off to a training camp in Mallorca in late January.