Round three of the UK National Downhill Points Series

Rachel Atherton and Marc Beaumont both victorious


The third round of the National Points Downhill Series was held in the Welsh hills at Moelfre, near Oswestry last weekend, and Team MBUK/Santa Cruz rider Marc Beaumont saved a perfect run for the final to take first place ahead of Dan Atherton and Frenchman Julien Camelini in the Elite Men event.


Marc said after the race: “I’m really pleased to win here and now as we head towards Caersws NPS and Worlds at Fort William, it gives me great confidence to know I’m coming into top form.”

Rachel Atherton, returning after breaking her arm in Vigo won the Elite Women race ahead of Anja Ress-Jones and Calamity Jane. Katy Curd, the youngster from Corsham who was spotted on MBUK’s DH Factor was the second fastest woman at Moelfre, proving that she’s one to watch out for in the future.

For a race report from Team MBUK/Santa Cruz, head over to the MBUK blog now.


Elite Men

1 Marc Beaumont (MBUK/Santa Cruz) 02:24.4

2 Dan Atherton (Animal/Commencal) 02:25.7

3 Julien Chamellini (MOJO/Orange) 02:26.0

4 Gee Atherton (Animal/Commencal) 02:26.2

5 Matt Simmonds (Ancillotti UK) 02:28.7

6 Dan Stanbridge (MOJO/Orange) 02:28.9

7 Ben Reid (Iron Horse) 02:29.3

8 Neil Donoghue (MBUK/Santa Cruz) 02:30.5

9 Lee Bertram (Orange UK) 02:31.0

10 Ben Cathro (Qbikes) 02:31.4

11 Tom Braithwaite (Giant) 02:31.5

12 Dave Wardell (GT/Muc Off) 02:31.9

13 Rowen Sorrell (South Wales Trail Centres) 02:32.8

14 Robert Smith (Syncros Electric) 02:32.9

15 Will Longden (MBUK Santa Cruz) 02:33.4

16 Scott Beaumont (Rocky Mountain UK) 02:33.8

17 Chris Ball 02:33.8

18 Tom Deacon (Syncros/Electric/Santa Cruz) 02:33.9

19 Fergus Lamb (Ancillotti UK) 02:34.1

20 Liam Mason (Fusion Bikes UK) 02:34.9

21 Dave Smith (Syncros Electric) 02:35.1

22 Ashley Mullane (Cove Bikes) 02:35.3

23 Joe Barnes (Cycle Jersey/MFX Air Art) 02:36.1

24 Philip Ashbridge 02:36.3

25 Jonny Cheetham (Halfords Bikehut) 02:37.2

26 James Hughes (Syncros Electric) 02:37.4

27 Rob Breakwell (Dirt Mag) 02:40.7

28 Jamie Faulkner (Stendec) 02:41.9

29 Rob Warner (Giant UK) 02:44.1

30 Gary Forrest (Kona UK) 02:45.1

31 Ralph Jones (Dirt MTB Mag) 08:28.2

Elite Women

1 Rachel Atherton (Animal/Commencal) 02:42.8

2 Anja Rees-Jones (Stendec) 03:00.2

3 Calamity Jayne Cann (CF3 Kona Sombrio) 03:00.7


4 Olivia Johnston (Lahar Thor) 03:16.2