Route of the week: Danshuei, Taiwan

Climb to the top of Mount Tatun


This week’s pick of the routes is a 13 mile ride from the Metro station in Hon Shu Lin to the top of Mount Tatun in Taiwan. You can find the route here on BikeRadar or here on


This ride has been plotted by dnwkshop and involves contrasting scenery from downtowm Danshuei through heavy traffic – dnwkshop says: “all the way is high traffic, you have to watch out all mobils. No other choice, let’s go!”, then the main roads quickly fade into the distance as the Tatun National Park comes into sight.

The main section of the ride is on the Ba Lia Ka Road, which winds its way 1092 metres high at the top of Mount Tatun. According to dnwkshop the last two kilometres of the ride is “very steep”.

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