Route of the week: Exeter commute

Have you added your commute?


The number of routes being uploaded to the Routes & Riding section of BikeRadar is growing, with over 31,000 on there to date. We’ll be highlighting the one that has caught our eye every week from now on. So whether it’s a short leisurely off road jaunt for the family or a ten day on-road trek, we want to see your routes and if you spot a particularly noteworthy route, please let us know.


This week we highlight a humble commute – the type that many of you have uploaded to the site. There may be nothing particularly sexy or exciting about the daily schlep to work, be it a two mile pedal to the train station or a seven mile trundle along a towpath, but it’s an integral part of many people’s cycling experience and provides freedom and escape for many cyclists before and after a hard day’s work.

Stuartww’s commute into Exeter, UK is just over 10 miles long from Lympstone to the city’s Business Park. The comments on his cue sheet offer some sage advice, presumably based on bitter experience: “Beware of wags* in 4x4s speeding through this lane at school run time!”

Typically for a cyclist, food and drink feature on the cue sheet – apparently Cara’s café on the Greendale industrial estate is a great spot to ‘refuel’ on this ride…

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* That’s Wives and Girlfriends for our non-UK readers.