Rugby hero shines at Revolution

World Cup winner Johnson is no slouch on the boards

Johnson hands over after his shift

Former England rugby captain Martin Johnson demonstrated his athletic versatility when he rode the boards at the Manchester Velodrome this weekend. 


Martin slipped into lycra along with ex-Crystal Palace footballer, Geoff Thomas, and took part in an Italian Pursuit event in aid of Geoff’s Foundation during last event of Revolution’s fifth series.


Thomas joined Hannah Manley, Dan McLay, Anna Blyth, Iljo Keisse and Chris Hoy to form Team A, while Johnson joined Corrine Hall, Chris Whorrall, Victoria Pendleton, Peter Shep and Arnaud Tournant to form Team B. Both of the stars launched out of the gates giving all they had, before peeling off to let the Future Stars take over. It was then the turn of female sprinters, Anna Blyth and Victoria Pendleton; it was a close match throughout. Hoy had a slight lead on the last leg, and managed to hold off the challenge of Tournant. Less than 0.1 of a second split the two teams with Geoff Thomas’ team taking the win.