Sagan’s 100% Speedcraft Air glasses have nose magnets

New 100% sunglasses pull nasal passages open with magnets stuck to skin

Moto eyewear brand 100% has launched its Speedcraft Air cycling sunglasses, which feature magnets on either side of an extended nosepiece designed to be worn with magnets stuck onto the outside of the rider’s nose. The end result, 100% claims, is improved breathing through widened nasal passages.


World champion Peter Sagan wore the 100% Speedcraft Air glasses at the Tour Down Under, where he won stage 4.

The glasses are part of 100%’s 2018 collection, which is on display at the ISPO sports tradeshow in Germany.

The Speedcraft Air’s magnets connect to magnets taped to the skin and gently pull the nasal passages open
Courtesy 100%

Nose magnets?

The brand 100% comes from motocross, where — like in cycling — riders have experimented with different types of nasal strips to improve breathing.

On AC Systems’ Instagram account you can see moto riders and other athletes using different versions of the system. And here is a video of the company pitching its product through the words of moto riders.

The Speedcraft Air comes with a stack of strips to hold magnets against the nose
Courtesy 100%

For the Speedcraft Air cycling glasses, the nosepiece extends on either side of the face and concludes with circular magnets facing the nose. These connect with magnets that are temporarily attached to the skin with sticky strips (included with the glasses), and the nasal passages are pulled open, the theory goes.

100% Speedcraft Air features

  • Interchangeable, 2mm-thick single-shield lens
  • Hydroleophobic coating
  • AC Systems breathing technology (read: magnets on glasses and on sticker stuck to the skin)
  • Space between lens and face for airflow and fog prevention

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