Sam Pilgrim’s signature wheelset coming soon

London Qashqai winner's hoops finished in anodised purple

Sam on his way to taking first place at the London Qashqai event

Last weekend’s Nissan Qashqai London winner, Sam Pilgrim, used a special custom-built set of Halo SAS wheels in anodised purple during a display that stunned the crowds not to mention impressing the judges enough to see him top the day’s rankings


These hoops are destined to be Sam’s Signature Colourway Halo wheelset, featuring a brand new front hub – the Halo Wide Boy – which is a 20mm t/axle, non-disc, dirt jumping hub. For Sam’s wheelset it will be anodised purple.

The rear hub is the proven Halo DJD also in the special anodised purple colour. It’s the hub of choice for most pros including overall Qashqai title winner, Lance McDermott.


The rims will be new versions of Halo SASs – lighter but still retaining their legendary strength – also, of course, in anodised purple. The wheelset should be hitting the retail market in about three months and we’ll let you know the price once it’s available.