Save 50% on a Cateye El135 & Orb front and rear light set (UK only)

Perfect to keep as spare lights so you’re never caught out in the dark

The Cateye EL135 is a great commuter light, and comes in handy as a spare

We gave the Cateye EL135 front light a glowing 4.5-star review, finding it to be well made, well thought-out, functional and affordable, and right now you can get a bundle that includes the EL135 as well a a basic Cateye Orb rear light for just £13.49.


There are of course some very serious lights on the market, but sometimes batteries run out and it’s never good to get stuck in the dark. This Cateye bundle is ideal for beginners and casual commuters, as well as more serious riders who want to keep some spares on hand, just in case.