Schwinn unveils new fast-charging electric bike

Half an hour recharge sets new benchmark

American bike company Schwinn have released a new electric bike, the Tailwind, which they claim is capable of recharging fully in just thirty minutes via a standard electrical outlet.


The industry standard for recharging electric bike batteries was previously four hours, so the Tailwind represents a significant breakthrough in battery innovation. The company worked closely with the Toshiba Corporation to perfect the new technology.

More people are expected to buy electric bikes in the near future, mainly as a result of fuel price rises; increased health benefits and for environmental reasons. This also means that bicycle manufacturers are keen to increase the capacity and recharge times on so-called e-bikes.


With a suggested retail price of $3199.99, the Tailwind can be ridden as a normal bike, or with assistance from the 180 watt motor housed in the hub of the front wheel. The bike also has a Suntour fork with lockout and a Shimano Nexus 8-speed geared hub on the rear. Schwinn say that between 25-30 miles should be possible on a full charge, but that this depends on climate, rider weight, terrain and so on.